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I'm looking for people to take my place, and to make other admins to take control and update con info.

If anyone is willing to do so, message me.
Date: June 17th-19th
Location: Tampa, Florida
Official Website:
Size: Large

Major Panels: Metrocon Star Party, Fantasy Masquerade Ball, Anime Human Blood Drive, and Anime Human Chess.
Masquerade: Three masquerades exist - a cosplay contest, a costume contest, and an event known as the "Fantasty Masquerade Ball" which is a theatrical production that guests can attend in costume.
Unofficial Meet-ups: Please contact me with any unofficial meet-up information for cosplay groups.

General Information:
* A member of our group is currently selling an artist's alley table that was mistakenly purchased. The table is in the front row of the west wing in the middle of the isle, and as of May 8th all tables in both the east & west wing are completely sold out so if you're interested please contact ssahab as soon as possible. The table is $75 or best offer.

* Another member is selling table B 10 in Artist's Alley. Please contact Cetriya for more information.
Date: March 25th-27th
Location: Orlando, Florida
Official Website:
Size: Large

Megacon is the largest comic book, sci-fi, and anime convention in Florida, located at the spacious Orange County Convention Center on International Drive, mere minutes from Disney, Sea World, Universal, and so many other theme parks and Orlando attractions. The creme de la creme for cosplayers, fans, and collectors, this year's guests include top names such as William Shatner, Bruce Boxleitner, Matt Senreich, and Stan Lee, plus a slew of other notorious guests from every nook of geekdom, whether it be TRON, Spiderman, or Star Trek.

Major Panels: As of February, many remain unannounced.
Masquerade: Masquerade information is not currently available. In previous years, though, the event has been organized by a third party website.
Unofficial Meet-ups: Please contact me with any unofficial meet-up information for cosplay groups.
Date: August 20th-22nd
Location: Miami, Florida
Official Website:
Size: Small

Mizucon is a fairly new anime-centric hotel con, only in it's third year and located at the Hyatt Regency on SE 2nd avenue in Miami. Slowly growing into a legitimate scene for cosplayers and fans alike, this year boasts guests like Stephanie Sheh and Scott McNeil and an interesting array of official events including otaku speed dating, cosplay improv, and an 18+ hentai pajama party for the older guests.

Major Panels: Cosplay Improv, Mizu Jeopardy, Free-Sing Karaoke, Ask An Anime Character, plus various industry panels.
Masquerade: Costume & Cosplay contests are combined at Mizucon. The date is not yet available for this contest, but sign-up will take place at badge pick-up.
Unofficial Meet-ups: Axis Powers Hetalia, Touhou Project, Vocaloid. (None have a specified date or meeting time)
Date: August 12th-15th
Location: Orlando, Florida
Official Website:
Size: Large

Star Wars Celebration is a four day convention center con located at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Commemorating the anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm, SWC draws in guests from all over the country to meet, greet, and share a love for all things Star Wars. On its fifth year, this year's convention boasts guests like Jon Stewart, Jon McBride, Warwick Davis, and, of course, George Lucas himself.

More information coming soon!

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